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「Play Hooky from Work - サボる・ 仮病・ずる休み」 に関する 英単語 & イデオム

play hooky from work     会社をずる休みする
ex) I'm going to play hooky from work to recharge the battery.

play hooky: to be away from school without permission
ex) The teacher warned his students against playing hooky.
先生は 生徒たちに対し ずる休みをしないよう警告した

recharge the battery      充電する、(エネルギーを)補給する
ex) I'll take a vacation to recharge my batteries before the next project starts.

recharge one's battery: : to rest and relax in order to regain energy and strength
ex) Almost a third of workers played hooky last year because they needed to relax and recharge.
約 1/3 の労働者が昨年、リラックスし、充電するために ずる休みをした

fake sick          仮病を使う
ex) I tried faking sick at work for a day.

ex) fake sick: to pretend or exaggerate incapacity or illness
ex) Faking sick too often can lead to parents not trusting you.

🔗「欠勤・病欠」 に関連する 英語表現

absenteeism  (常習的)欠勤
ex) The rising employee absenteeism can affect entire workforce.

absenteeism: the practice of regularly staying away from work or school without good reason.
ex) Often high levels of absenteeism are caused by low job motivation.
高い欠勤率は しばし 仕事に対するモチベーションの低さが原因となる

□ malinger 仮病を使う
ex) School avoidance can be confused with malingering.
登校拒否は 仮病と混同されやすい
malinger: to pretend or exaggerate incapacity or illness (as to avoid duty or work)
ex) His boss suspected him of malingering because of his frequent absences from work.

blow off   (やるべきことを)やらない、さぼる
ex) He'll blow off the paperwork, asking for trouble.

ask for trouble       災いを招く、自業自得である
ex) If you don't do this, you're asking for trouble.

loll around        のらくらして働かない
ex) I did all the work, while the others loll around.

lie around          ごろごろして働かない
ex) I'm beat. I'll lie around listening to music for the rest of the day.

be beat       疲れる
□ What a long day! I'm beat.

cut myself some slack     (自分自身に対して)息抜きをさせる
ex) I can't cram everything in one day. I'll cut myself some slack.

cram             詰め込む
ex) I crammed all the clothes into the suitcase.

break away from …        …から抜け出す
ex) I got the urge to break away from my dull routine.

routine       (いつもの決まり切った)作業、仕事
□ I hate being stuck in routine that isn't very creative.

be stuck in …       … で身動きが取れない
ex) I'm stuck in meetings all day.


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