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「Decline / Turn down - 拒否する・断る・却下」 に関する 英単語 & イデオム

decline 断る、拒否する、辞退する
ex) The company declined comment on the news.
会社はそのニュースに対する コメントを拒否した

decline: to say that you will not or cannot do something
ex) She declined to run for a second term as governor.

kill    ぼつにする、却下する
ex) Often great ideas from below get killed by board members.

kill: If someone or something kills a project, activity, or idea, they completely destroy or end it.
ex) His objective was to kill the project.
彼の目的は そのプロジェクトをぼつにすることだ

shoot down   (案など)受け入れない、拒否する
ex) When planning a family vacation, my wife shoots down every idea I have.
家族旅行を計画する時、妻は私の意見 を全て拒否する

shoot down: dismiss someone by forcefully criticizing or arguing with them.
ex) When I finally had the courage to speak to her she just shot me down.

dismissive 拒否するような、否定的な
ex) He was dismissive of my idea.
彼女は私の意見に対し 否定的であった

dismissive: refusing to think about or consider something or someone
ex) He spoke dismissively about the accident.
彼は その事故に対し、関心なさそうに話した

reject 拒否する
ex) Stay open to young pleople instead of rejecting them. 
若い人たちを拒否せずに 相手の意見を受け入れよう

reject: to refuse to believe, accept, or consider (something)
ex) My teacher rejected my excuse for being late.

refuse 拒否する、拒む、嫌がる
ex) When they offered me the money, I couldn't refuse.

refuse: to say that you will not accept (something, such as a gift or offer)
ex) They asked her to help but she refused.
彼らは 彼女に助けを求めたが、彼女は拒否した

deny   否定する、認めない
ex) He denied any knowledge of their actions. 

deny: to say that something is not true
ex) The banks denied (= refused) them credit.

denial 否認、否定、受け入れないこと
ex) She issued a flat denial of the charges made against her.
彼女は 罪状に対し、きっぱりと否定した

denial : a statement saying that something is not true or real : a statement in which someone denies something
ex) The hardest part of the punishment was the denial of his right to see his children.
その処罰でもっとも厳しかったことは、自分の子供に合う権利を 却下されたことである

rebut 退ける、拒否する     
ex) My boss constantly rebuts my ideas just to prove that he's smart.

rebut: claim or prove that (evidence or an accusation) is false. ex) He had to rebut charges of acting for the convenience of his political friends.
彼は 政治的な朋友に便宜を提供した容疑を 否定しなければならなかった

throw out   (提案・申し出などを)拒否する、受け入れない  
ex) The organization threw out our proposal for no specific reason.
明確な理由もなく企画 を受け入れなかった

throw out: to dismiss from acceptance or consideration
ex) The testimony was thrown out.

turn down (提案・申し出などを)拒否する、受け入れない
ex) His novel was turned down by publisher after publisher.
彼の小説は、多くの出版社から 出版を拒否された

turn down: reject something offered or proposed
ex) The actress has turned dow a lucrative offer to star in a movie.

lucrative   有利な、お金になる
ex) I turn Down a lucrative job offer.

lucrative: profitable; moneymaking; remunerative
ex) He made a fortune by signing a lucrative deal with the baseball team.

give a thumbs-down to …    … に反対する、拒否する
ex) No one could give our proposal a thumbs down.

thmubs-down: an instance or gesture of rejection, disapproval, or condemnation
ex) They gave our plan the thumbs down.
彼らは 我々の計画を却下した

give thumbs-up to …     … に賛成する
ex) Their elaborated presentation deserves two thumbs up.

thumbs-up: used to show approval of something
ex) Legislators gave the thumbs up to new tax credits.
国会議員たちは 新しい 税額控除の法案に賛成した

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