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「Mix up / Slip up - 間違え・ミス・誤り」 に関する 英単語 & イデオム

make a mistake 間違える、ミスを犯す
ex) Anyone could have made a mistake like this.

mistake: something that is not correct : a wrong action, statement, or judgment
ex) I made the mistake of believing her.

by mistake 誤って、間違えて
ex) I got on the wrong train by mistake. (= accidentally)
私は間違えて 違う電車に乗ってしまった

by mistake: because of a mistake : without intending to
ex) Someone must have left the door open by mistake.
誰かが間違えて 扉を開けたままにしたに 違いない

mix up 間違える、勘違いする
ex) Our coffee got mixed up with another table.

mix up: confuse someone or something with another person or thing.
ex) I'd got her mixed up with her sister.
私は 彼女と彼女の妹を間違えてしまった

ex) I have had my bag mixed up with someone.

mix-up 取り違え、混同
ex) There was a mix-up over travel arrangements.
旅行手配に 勘違いがあった

mix-up: a confused state of things
ex) The mix-ups nearly cost him his job.

get … wrong … を間違える
ex) School got the date wrong for one of my exams.
学校が 試験の日にちを 間違えて伝えた

get wrong: to fail to understand (someone or something) correctly
ex) She got the instructions wrong.
彼女は誤って 指示を理解してしまった

goof up … (書類など)を間違える
ex) I really goofed up and got all the dates wrong.

goof up: to do something badly or make a silly mistake that causes something to fail
ex) I really goofed up that math problem.

goof-up 間違え、ミス、失敗
ex) The letter they sent was a goof-up; it was intended for someone else.

goof-up: a mistake, blunder, malfunction, or the like
ex) There are always software bugs and security goof-ups.
ソフトウエアのバグや、セキュリティ上のミスは いつもある

slip up     間違えを犯す
ex) Don't slip up when choosing a good wedding planner.

slip up: make a careless error
ex) They often slipped up when it came to spelling.
文字を書くとなると、彼らは いつもスペルミスをする

slip-up 間違え
ex) She made several verbal slips-ups on the radio program.
slip-up: a mistake, blunder, or oversight
ex) Several slip-ups caused a delay in the delivery of the books.

misstep    いくつかの間違え、過失
ex) Despite a few missteps the competition went smoothly for me.

misstep: a mistake, especially one that is caused by not understanding a situation correctly
ex) A misstep here could cost millions of dollars.

fool-proof     ミスのない
ex) I'll give you some easy and fool-proof recipes to impress your friends.

fool-proof: so simple, plain, or reliable as to leave no opportunity for error, misuse, or failure
ex) Pairing tops and bottoms in the same color is a quick, fool-proof formula for style.

error-free ミスのない
ex) This keyboard brings users faster and error-free typing.

erro-free: the use of any automatic device or method that makes it impossible to make an error
ex) The pencil has been tested 100% error free on actual exam sheet scanners.
この鉛筆は スキャナー式答案でも 読み取り間違えが起こらないと、証明されている

be proved wrong     間違えであると証明される
ex) Often our first impressions are proved wrong in the long run.

prove wrong: show to be false or erroneous
ex) Prove me wrong.
私が間違えていると 実証して

blunder 間違え、へま、失敗
ex) She stopped, finally aware of the terrible blunder she had made.

blunder: a stupid or careless mistake
ex) I made a blunder by getting his name wrong.
私は彼の名前を 間違えて覚えて、失敗した

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