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Clerical work - 事務・事務職員・デスクワークに関する 英単語 & イデオム

- a closer look at clerical jobs -

clerical   事務の、事務員の 
ex) I have to get all those clerical paperwork duties done.
私は これらの事務仕事を全て終わらせなければならない

clerical: of or relating to a clerk or office worker
ex) She spent the summer doing clerical work for a lawyer.
彼女は 弁護士のための事務仕事を 行なって、夏を過ごした

desk work 事務、デスクワーク 
ex) Desk work is often not kind to your eyes.

desk work: work done at a desk, as by an office worker
ex) She has a wrist problem, making it difficult to do even desk work.
彼女は手首に健康上の問題があり、デスクワークに取り組むことさえ 困難を感じていた

deskbound work 事務の仕事 
ex) Deskbound office workers are worried about the effect that sitting at their desks for prolonged periods.
事務職員は 長時間座っていることの影響について心配している

deskbound: having a job that requires you to be at a desk
ex) I don't think I could live the rest of my working life being deskbound.
私は事務の仕事に 人生残りの時間を全て費やす気にはなれない

compile (資料を)集める、編集する
ex) Compile records of office activities.

type  文字をタイプする
ex) Type and revise documents.

petty cash 小口現金
ex) Manage petty cash and vendor payments.

relay 伝える
ex) Record and relay messages.

relay: to pass (something, such as a message or information) from one person or device to another

tidy   整とんする
ex) Tidy and maintain the lobby area.

tidy: to make (something) clean and organized

liaise with …   … と連絡を取る
ex) Liaise with other departments.

numeracy skills (簡単な)計算力
ex) Numeracy and mental arithmetic skills are needed.

numeracy skills: the ability to understand and work with numbers
ex) Developing numeracy skills early gives children an important foundation for their learning and development.
早期に計算力を身に付けさせることで、子供たちは 学びや発達の重要な基礎力を 得ることになる


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